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Magic Powder

I’m going to ask you all to use your imaginations for just a moment. Picture this: heating a kettle over a fire, blending bits of plant life into the mix, sprinkling powder over the brew, drinking the elixir to achieve magic results. This might sound like some ancient...

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Location Update

When we began this project back in the summer of 2014, we had no idea where it would lead us.  We knew we liked beer, we liked making beer, and we loved hosting gatherings where we shared our beer.  Since its initial inception our project has taken a few twists and...

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NHBC Autumn Festival 2016

“Wes!” “What?” “No drinking before 3 p.m.!” “I’m helping Michael test the beer!” And thus began the first annual Northern Harvest Brewing Company Autumn Festival. Well, not exactly. To leave out the blood, sweat, and tears that went into planning the party wouldn’t be...

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Wheat, A History 

Hey, all. Here at Northern Harvest, we like wheat. It's a nice way to add a smooth flavor and a light, bready taste to beer. There are quite a few commercially brewed beers containing small and large amounts of wheat. Believe it or not, in many historic brewing...

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