SAB Miller's Board of Directors Agrees to Buyout Offer from AB Inbev

What does this deal mean for the craft beer industry?
We talk a lot about big beer in the craft industry, they are the 1000 lb¬†elephant in the (bar) room. Well to this point there were two elephant’s really.¬†Anheuser-Busch InBev the multinational conglomerate of brewers headquartered in¬†Belgium and SAB Miller the¬†British-South African brewing conglomerate headquartered in London England.
On September 16th the first inkling of a possible buyout of SAB by AB Inbev of the two brew behemoths hit news wires, driving a 9% spike in SAB’s stock price.¬†SAB Miller owns 9.7% of global beer sales according to the company website, and if¬†combined with AB Inbev company would control one in three beers consumed across the world, with nearly 30% market share by volume.
This morning the SAB Miller board of directors agreed to some of the key terms of the AB Inbev offer and settling on a offer price of¬†¬£44 ($67) per share, 14% higher than its initial offer of ¬£38 ($57.95), pushing SAB’s value north of $104 Billion.
Thus far the public sentiment seems to be that this deal would greatly corner the US Beer market and cause a sharp spike in the cost of the underlying brands, but that remains to be seen as the deal still has a number of large legal hurdles to clear before any cash changes hands.¬†Paul Gatza, director of the Brewers Association states that Craft Brewers ‚Äúoperate in a different sphere.‚ÄĚ ¬†and he expects the deal to have minimal impact on craft brewers‚Äô in the U.S.
SAB Miller Press Release