It most certainly has! A busy month has gone buy in which we’ve thought about spending some money, spent a lot of money, spoken with a lot of brewers, and even made some beer (and messes) in there! A didn’t want my readers to think that I had forgotten about them so I thought I’d give a bit of an update on what’s going on in our world, and the world of beer around us!
Taking a look out the back door, we can see it’s actually starting to look like summer, which is fantastic! Summer in the Adirondacks means good friends, great beer, and time spent on Lake Champlain. And what a busy summer we have planned! One of the highlights will hopefully be the Brewer’s Day and Craft Beer Camp at the Sagamore. This year’s focus will be on brews of the British Isles. We’ll be there with our Mild, Bitter, and Stout!
Looking a little further out, thumbing through the headlines, one might see that it’s American Craft Beer Week! In honor of the holiday, I took a trip out to the Carey Institute for Global Good in Rensselaerville, NY, (image above) for a workshop on sustainability.
A representative from FX Matt Brewing (Saranac) shared the trials and tribulations of setting up an anaerobic digestion system for the disposal of spent grains. Long story, short, it’s not quite something that truly returns on its investment unless you have the scale to support it (~200,000 BBL annual capacity). And amid some jeers, a representative from Anheuser-Busch discussed programs being implemented by the largest brewer in the world to decrease their water usage to 3.2:1, cultivate “Smart Barley” strains (no GMO crops), and save water through their Agrimet system.
2015-05-14 Its Been A WhileIn addition to these informative presentations, the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute gave talks on a wide range of topics from waste water management to sustainability in marketing. Most interesting, though, were the general tips to make for a more sustainable brewhouse, exhibited through what I will call “case studies” performed on breweries such as Abandon in the Finger Lakes Region and Rohrbach’s in Rochester, NY.
And born out of the workshop today was also the possibility of a future conference for small brewers to help each other build sustainable brewing systems. I’ll keep you all of you brewers out there posted on that one!
So that’s all for now! Thanks for reading, and keep checking back, we’re always keeping busy and will do our best to update you all on everything that’s keeping us busy! Today, with sustainability in mind, I’ll leave you with a different message than usual… A quote often heard from founder of the Carey Institute, Bill Carey: Do good, do well.