Welcoming Our 3BBL Brewhouse!

July 1st 2016 was a day that none of us could ever forget. We sat at breakfast at the Port Henry Diner, anxiously awaiting the call from a truck driver who was ferrying our precious cargo to VSHM: our 3BBL brew house and fermenters.


The call came in around 8 a.m., just as I was digging into my hard poached eggs, Gabe his French toast, and Cassie her omelet. We made quick work of breakfast and headed down to the marina.

A team of hardy helpers showed up, feeling strong and ready to unload some  sweet, sweet stainless steel. From the outside, the truck didn’t look like it would be about 100F inside. Boy, were we in for a toasty surprise!

Gabe, his uncles Fred and Dennis, and I had the easy job of moving the kettles out and onto the fork truck. The truly trying endeavor was reserved for Gabe’s uncle Tom Baker, who was behind the controls of the fork truck. Let’s just say the concentration was visible through the nervous sweat building upon his brow.

Fermenter one, fermenter two, mash tun, HLT, brew (kettle)… three and four in a line, with two shiny stainless brites. We managed to unload all of the tanks and various brewing paraphernalia, without a hitch, and into the storage building at VSHM by 10:00. At the end of those two hours, a team of sweaty, dirty, Northern Harvesters were ready for a rest and a nice refreshing beer.


Thanks to everyone who helped us out with the heavy lifting, to those who provided their eye for photography, to those who poured drinks, and of course, those who provided moral support. You all know who you are, and you all know it’s true: Life’s Better Up North!