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When we began this project back in the summer of 2014, we had no idea where it would lead us.  We knew we liked beer, we liked making beer, and we loved hosting gatherings where we shared our beer.  Since its initial inception our project has taken a few twists and turns, but overall the core values are the same.  Make great beer, to share with great people.
Our goal with starting a brewery in the rural hometown in which I grew up was twofold. ¬†One, when I came home to visit my family & old friends. I found there was no place¬†truly inviting who also had great brews. This usually meant¬†picking up a few bottles Switchback, one of the few local craft brews available in town, and heading over to a friends house to catch up, reminisce¬†about old memories, and make some new ones. During a few of these visits, various remarks could be heard, interspersed between childhood stories, about how lively the town was when my parents’ generation and their parents’ generation were our age. ¬†Those great stories of shenanigans your father or mother took part in that you never quite heard as a kid, only to be told by a friend who was there years later.¬†That is where the second goal comes in.
We want the brewery to be a source of local pride, a meeting place for the community, and a stepping stone for the local economy. ¬†That third place people come to and feel comfortable aside from their homes and workplaces. ¬†We want beer drinkers and non-beer drinkers alike to feel like they own a part of what were doing and that they “know the guys” who run the place, or at least know their family.
Throughout our journey, we quickly realized that Lake Champlain is one of the greatest assets the area has. ¬†It’s size and beauty¬†is something I never fully appreciated as a child, but after moving away, I quickly realized. ¬†There is just something about the water we all love, its peaceful tranquility, coupled with unimaginable power. ¬†Early on we said “wouldn’t it be great to be on the lake?” but we took it as one of those things that would never happen. Well, it looks like it just might after all.
After many chats, emails, meetings, phone calls and permits, we are inches away from our dream of having our third place right on the water, accessible by boat, with a breathtaking view of the Champlain Bridge.
Many of you already know where I’m talking about, but those that don’t, keep an eye here for our official announcement when everything is finalized. ¬†Otherwise, you’ll have to keep guessing.
– Gabe

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  1. Brian Morris

    Racket Lake had what I think you are talking about. People came by snowmobile too. Let me know when you are ready to serve a thirsty Lad and his wife ūüćļ

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