Many folks have reached out to us asking what is going on with our brewery and when we will finally be open.
The answer is much more complicated than the question.
During the summer months of last year, one of our core partners decided to take a step back and re-evaluate his involvment in our project due to family health matters he was dealing with at the time.  His ultimate decision to remove himself going forward was a massive blow to our progress as his participation was instrumental accross many fasets of our business plan, not the least of which was his role as head brewer.  The departure has caused all involved to re-evaluate their personal lives as well as the project scope as a whole.
Our inital goal of a lakeside brewery and taproom seems unlikely in the short term but we are working to determine the best way to share our beer with all those eager to enjoy one.  We are also looking to talk to those as passionate about the Lake Champlain commnuity and craft beer as we are as we map out the future of our project.  Any partnership be it marriage or business is built on the same core values of mutual trust and support, similar passions, and a genuine intrest in seeing the other succeed.  If you or somone you know has a passion for craft beer, community building, and hard work, send them our way.   We would love to talk to them.
– Gabe