Philosophy is key to a businesses success.
It is what drives growth, decision making, how people work together and how they work separately.
A core set of values define the broader picture, and when the daily grind gets you down, they can provide that breath of fresh air needed to keep going, knowing that there are larger goals at play.
Many corporations have values, some are just posters on the wall or buzz-words in an HR onboarding video.
But here our values are different. We are not a huge corporation, we are a small town Craft brewery.
The term “craft” is applied to a lot of things these days, but we like to view it by its old definition. In years past a Craft was a manual trade or occupation, one requiring dexterity and skill.
With each beer we brew we keep that thought in mind. We are not here to be the biggest, grow the fastest or make huge amounts of money. We are here to make beer people enjoy, the same people we share that beer within our tap room or on the road.
At the inception of this company the goal was clear, brew great beer we would enjoy ourselves, and more importantly beer we would enjoy sharing with others.